Organic Revenue (Non-GAAP)


The Company defines the term “organic revenue” as revenue excluding the impact from business acquisitions, divestitures, product line discontinuations, and the effect of foreign currency translation. The Company uses the related term “organic revenue growth” to refer to the financial performance metric of comparing current period organic revenue with the reported revenue of the corresponding period in the prior year. The Company believes that this non-GAAP measure, when taken together with our GAAP financial measures, allows the Company and its investors to better measure the Company’s performance and evaluate long-term performance trends. Organic revenue growth also facilitates easier comparisons of the Company’s performance with prior and future periods and relative comparisons to its peers. The Company excludes the effect of foreign currency translation from these measures because foreign currency translation is subject to volatility and can obscure underlying business trends. The Company excludes the effect of acquisitions and divestitures because these activities can vary dramatically between reporting periods and between the Company and its peers, which the Company believes makes comparisons of long-term performance trends difficult for management and investors. Beginning in 2017, Organic Revenue Growth is also used as a performance metric to determine bonus payments for senior management and employees.

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