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Corporate Governance

Novanta is a leader in its served markets. As such, we have a responsibility to our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and the communities in which we do business, to conduct our business in an ethical and lawful manner.  Novanta's Code of Business Conduct summarizes the virtues and principles that guide all of our actions in business. We expect our agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, and suppliers to be guided by them as well.

Code of Business Conduct Download:

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Supplier Code of Conduct:

Novanta Inc. is committed to conducting business and sourcing materials and components from responsible suppliers who meet the highest applicable legal and ethical standards.  To assist suppliers in meeting Novanta's expectations, the Supplier Code of Conduct provides basic guidelines for important areas of business conduct. 

As used in this Code, "Supplier" refers to any entity providing products, people or services to Novanta, and where applicable, the personnel of the supplier and its subcontractors and agents.  Novanta expects its suppliers to comply with these guidelines and always exercise good judgement in applying them to their conduct as a Novanta supplier.  A Novanta supplier must conduct its business operations in full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate and all of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to their business and/or products, including but not limited to those described in this Code, and in conformity with the internationally recognized standards of business conduct described in this Code.

Supplier Code of Conduct
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Our commitment to protecting and improving the environment for future generations is important to our customers, vendors, employees, and the communities in which we operate.  Therefore, we integrate health, safety and environmental considerations into all aspects of our business, we protect our employees, our communities and the environment, achieve sustainable growth and accelerated productivity, drive compliance with all applicable regulations and develop technologies that expand the sustainable capacity of our world.  Our health, safety and environmental management systems refect our values and help us to meet our business objectives.

Environmental Sustainability Policy
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